Ingredients for Brightening - Kojic Diplamitate

Our Brightening Body Lotion is a top bestseller. It’s been described by our customers as a deliciously smelling, highly moisturizing lightweight delight. Our brightening products help you get rid of acne scars and prevent acne, hyperpigmentation and other forms of scaring or darkening. In essence, they will help you achieve an even skin tone while nourishing and moisturizing your skin.

So, what are brightening ingredients anyway? Our Brightening Body Range currently consists of the following brightening ingredients:

Alpha Arbutin - read about the amazing benefits of Alpha Arbutin here.

Niacinamide - read about the amazing benefits of Niacinamide here.

Kojic Diplamitate

NAG (N-acteyl Glucosamine)

Turmeric Powder

Carrot Oil

In today’s blog post we’ll be focusing on Kojic Diplamitate - how it works, benefits, side effects and our products that contain it.

Quick summary

Ingredient Type: Brightener

Key Benefits: Brightening, Antioxidant

Suitable for: All skin types.

Recommended Usage: Twice a day. If you have sensitive skin, we recommend you start once a day then increase use gradually

Use With: Glycolic Acid

Avoid Using With: Safe to use with other skincare ingredients, heat and direct sunlight can degrade the effectiveness of Kojic Diplamitate. If using it with other brighteners and exfoliators, watch out for dryness or irritation. Always proceed with caution when using a new skincare ingredient

How It Works

Kojic Diplamiate is a more stable form of Kojic Acid which is gotten from mushrooms. Kojic Acid is a naturally derived skin care active. It works by inhibiting tyrosinase and therefore pigment (melanin) production. It does this by blocking UV-activation of the enzyme - tyrosinase. Kojic Diplamitate is an excellent alternative for those who would rather avoid hydroquinone. With Kojic Acid, you won’t get the overly-whitened look most people who bleach or use hydroquinone have. 


1. Fades dark spots, sun spots, photodamage and brightens the skin by inhibiting (tyrosinase) melanin production

2. Has antioxidant capacity - it prevents free radical damage normally caused by pollution, UV exposure/damage

3. Acts as an anti-inflammatory agent - thereby preventing redness and irritation.

Side Effects

Kojic Acid/Diplamiate is better tolerated than most acids but depending on the other actives used, irritation is possible. Irritation might also occur at very high concentrations. 

Have you experienced any side effects since you started using products with Kojic Diplamitate? Please let us know by sending an email to

How To Use

We advise you use products containing Kojic Acid twice daily (morning and night). If you have sensitive skin, you can start using it once a day then increase usage gradually.

 Find Kojic Diplamitate in...

Our Brightening Body Lotion 

Perfect for day and night use, our Brightening Body Lotion will help even out skin tone/complexion and keep your skin hydrated and moisturized. This product works by naturally reducing the overproduction of melanin while hydrating the skin and creating a protective layer on the skin to help trap moisture and prevent trans-epidermal water loss without clogging pores.

Designed for all skin types and tones to help even out areas that have been darkened by acne scars, sun damage, hyperpigmentation and all other discolouration caused by overproduction of melanin. Please give up to 4 weeks of continuous use (day & night) for results to show.

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